New Longer Lasting Deeper Shine Formula for Autoglym Super Resin Polish


New Autoglym Super Resin Polish

Launched in the 1980’s Autoglym Super Resin Polish has long been regarded as one of their flagship products, enjoying a following envied by many other brands. And now Autoglym are

set to raise the bar even further having spent the last two years re-formulating and testing this already popular product.

It is reported that the new version of Super Resin Polish will benefit from a much improved formulation of waxes, silicones and paint cleansers that will allow 3 times longer beading, increasing from an average of 12 washes with the old version to 35 washes with the new one.

Autoglym also claim to have  increased depth of shine the new SRP formula is able to impart to the paintwork at the same time as removing the fine contaminants and oxidation that can significantly affect the shine on your car.

The new Autoglym Super Resin Polish will come in a variety of sizes including the popular 325ml and 500ml sizes as well as the larger 1L bottle.

At the same time as launching the new SRP, the packaging is also being updated to include the new Autoglym logo, which whilst not vastly different from the old one, certainly brings a brighter more modern image to their product range.

The new version of Autoglym Super Resin Polish is set to be launched on 12th January and is believed will also be available in special launch packs including an Autoglym Hi-Tech Microfibre Polishing Cloth.

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