Detailing firm highlights problems of tree sap on cars

A detailing firm has revealed the difficulties involved with removing tree sap from vehicles.

Victory Detailing stated that they were recently asked to revitalise a Cadillac which had been parked under a tree for a considerable period of time.

The company said that to begin with, they used Meguiar's detailing concentrate and rinsed the car down before using clay bars to remove all surface contaminants.

As there was tree sap all over the vehicle, the process took much longer than normal and after washing it a second time, the team applied Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax.

Finally, the experts then began work on the interior, using Chemical Guys Silk Shine on the dashboard and glass cleaner on the windows.

"The owner was very pleased with the results and happy that the sap had been removed entirely from the exterior of the vehicle," the company added.

Drivers should also act quickly to remove bug splats from their cars, as research by Autoglym found that dead insects can corrode the paint.

Posted by James Robson

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