Car polishers ‘do a more effective job than hand polishing’

Applying car polishes by hand will do a more than adequate job, but the finish will not be as good as that achieved with car polishers.

That is according to an article on asiaonemotoring which stated that drivers should not think that doing the job manually will deliver the same results.

"It is about managing expectations. It would be impossible for the human hand to mimic the 3,000rpm achievable speed of a rotary buffer," the source noted.

Those doing the job by hand have a number of products to choose from, with the news provider recommending car polishes from Meguiar's and Autoglym.

Writing on his personal blog, Brian Eisenhauer stated that manual polishing is best done in small patches for the best results.

He recommended drivers begin by putting some polish or Meguiar's Ultimate Compound on an applicator pad and applying it in a circular motion, using a medium-light pressure and pressing on the pad with their whole hand.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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