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Battery Tender by Deltran

Arguably some of the world’s most advanced fully-automatic battery chargers for longer battery life, dependability, and far less maintenance! Deltran Battery Tender ® is the official factory authorised manufacturer of Harley-Davidson and BMW battery chargers.

Battery Tender ® assures some of the highest quality, fast-charging convenience and performance on the market. The choice of collectors, dealers, and fleet owners, their state-of-the art chargers can actually save hundreds of dollars in replacement batteries!

About Battery Tender

The company was started as a family business in 1965 and is based out of DeLand, Florida, and are best known for their BTP Microprocessor Technology incorporated in many of the products designed to maintain and protect your batteries.

From motorcycle, quad bikes, cars, vans and trucks to boats and other marine craft Battery Tender have specialist battery care products for most uses.

Deltran Battery Tender Warranty

So confident are they in the quality of their products, in general Deltran provide a 10 year warranty period on their battery charger products, depending on the model and region. The warranty covers both defective material or workmanship.

Why the Battery Tender® vs. conventional battery chargers?

Avoid the potentially damaging effects caused by most trickle chargers!

Their BTP Microprocessor Technology and quick-connect convenience automatically maintains the batteries in all your vehicles so they are ready to go when you are!

You just set it, and forget it, assuring the highest quality, fast-charging convenience and performance.

Want more proof?

* Rider Magazine: Product of the Year!
* Rated #1 by Motorcycle Consumer News.
* The #1 Selling Charger in the U.S. Powersports Industry!
* Endorsed & Recommended by Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) & the American Motorcycle Institute (AMI).
* Featured on Speed TV’s My Classic Car & Corbin’s Ride On.

Most Popular Products
Bestseller No. 1
Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger and Maintainer: 800mA 12 Volt Battery Charger for Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries - Switchable Battery Charger for Powersports - 022-0199-DL-WH
  • STAY CHARGED: 12V Battery Charger, 800mA Selectable Lead Acid/Lithium Battery Charger It will keep your battery fully charged so that it is ready to go when you are
  • LEAD-ACID AND LITHIUM: Power lead-acid (AGM, flooded, or gel) or lithium (LiFePO4) batteries with this smart charger and maintainer by switching to the desired battery type with the push of a button
  • SUPERSMART TECHNOLOGY: An ISM microcontroller constantly updates charge sequence to ensure the proper level is sent to your motorcycle, ATV, UTV, personal watercraft, or scooter battery at all times
  • EASY TO USE: A low maintenance design that's quick and easy to use, our power sport 12v battery charger and maintainer is lightweight and compact allowing it to operate everywhere even in small spaces
  • SAFE AND SECURE: Our 12 volt battery charger and maintainer is spark-proof during lead connection and automatically detects reverse polarity to ensure a correct, locked-in connection before providing power. 5 Year Industry Leading Warranty
SaleBestseller No. 2
Battery Tender 3 AMP Car Battery Charger - Automotive Switchable 6/12V, Fully Automatic Battery Charger and Maintainer for Cars, SUVs, and Trucks - 6V/12V, 3 AMP Charger - 022-0202-COS
  • STAY CHARGED: 3 AMP automotive battery charger provides a full charge to your car, SUV, or truck battery before switching to float mode to maintain proper voltage levels without overcharging or damaging the battery
  • VERSATILITY: Compatible with lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell), this charger works with 6 volt and 12 volt batteries with the push of a button
  • INCLUDES: 3 AMP selectable voltage (12V or 6V) battery charger, ring terminal and alligator clip cable connections, 5 year warranty, and lifetime customer service
  • HIGH POWERED: This three AMP automotive battery charger delivers a powerful electronic charge to keep your vehicle running at peak performance providing stronger, more reliable engine starts and extending battery life
  • SAFE AND SECURE: Spark-proof during lead connection, this car battery charger automatically detects reverse polarity to ensure a correct, locked-in connection before providing power
Bestseller No. 3
Battery Tender Ring Terminal Accessory Cable and USB Charger Adaptor: Battery Cord & 2.1 AMP USB Charging Adaptor for Mobile Devices - for Motorcycles, Golf Carts, ATVs - Quick Disconnect - 081-0174
531 Reviews
Battery Tender Ring Terminal Accessory Cable and USB Charger Adaptor: Battery Cord & 2.1 AMP USB Charging Adaptor for Mobile Devices - for Motorcycles, Golf Carts, ATVs - Quick Disconnect - 081-0174
  • POWER ON THE GO: Charge your phone, GPS, or compatible USB device while you’re out on the road with a portable USB adaptor that connects directly to your powersport vehicle’s 12V battery
  • EASY TO USE: Setup is quick and painless—simply connect the Battery Tender accessory ring terminals to your motorcycle, golf cart, or ATV 12V battery, connect the USB charger adaptor to the ring terminal cable, and then plug in any compatible USB mobile device using a compatible charging cord for convenient recharging
  • INCLUDES: 18-inch ring terminal cable with a 7.5 AMP fuse and 16 AWG wire, quick disconnect USB charger adaptor, and lifetime customer support
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Ring terminal accessory cable and adaptor is compatible with all 12-volt automotive, powersport, and marine batteries
  • WORRY-FREE USE: Designed to draw power only when connected to a mobile device, the adaptor can be safely left connected to the battery for convenient charging when you need it
Bestseller No. 4
Battery Tender DC Power Connector - Receptacle
8 Reviews
Battery Tender DC Power Connector - Receptacle
  • Onboard receptacle for DC to DC connections
  • Designed for 12V to 48V connections
  • Dimensions: 1.6" deep x 1.5" high x 3.3" wide
  • Stainless steel, locked to avoid vibrations and water incursions
  • Great for trolling motors, navigational electronics, and other DC accessories
SaleBestseller No. 5
Battery Tender Wireless Car Battery Monitor Tester for Use with WiFi, Sends Alerts to Your Phone to Help Prevent an Unexpected Dead Battery
  • WIRELESS MONITOR: Plug an SAE harness and connect an alligator or ring terminal cable to your vehicle's battery to track its condition wirelessly
  • WIFI CONNECTIVITY: When in range of a WiFi network, the battery monitor will track your vehicle’s battery health
  • PHONE ALERTS: You will receive alerts on your iOS or Android phone app when the monitor detects battery problems
  • PEACE OF MIND: The battery monitor detects low average voltage, draining battery power, and if the battery is not holding a charge
  • MOUNTABLE: Can be mounted to the engine using the side slots; comes with a Battery Tender 3-year warranty
Which Battery Tender® product is for you? 

The Battery Tender Power Tender Plus  is ideal for most applications: Automobiles, Motorcycles, RV’s, ATV’s, Golf Carts, baTrucks & general use.

The Waterproof 800 is unique for Boats, Watercraft & outdoors.

Their range of battery chargers and maintenance products are perfect for ensuring your battery is fully maintained whatever the weather, but even more so a part of your winter car care and winter motorcycle care.