Research Shows White Cars are Tops for Resale Value

White Cars Tops at Holding Value

Taking the time to find the best polish for white cars can prove to be an added bonus when it comes to selling your car. Research by CAP has revealed that a well polished white car can fetch more that 8% more in value compared to other colours, when it comes to selling your car in the used vehicle market.

CAP analysed their trade market data from over 5 years across hundreds of thousands of vehicles and discovered that white consistently out-performed other colours when it came to re-sale value.

Depending on the make, model of car these findings can mean a difference of several hundred pounds in value after 3 years compared to an otherwise identical car in blue.

However it is not all plain sailing when choosing a white car. White is notoriously one of the most difficult colours to keep clean and to obtain a deep wet look shine on. Making the right choice in your wax and polish for white cars is therefore all the more important in ensuring that uplift in value shown in the CAP research.


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