Plastic polish ‘can restore lights to their original glory’

A motoring expert has given some hints and tips on the steps drivers can take to ensure their vehicle looks and feels great and one of his recommendations is to make sure the headlights are clean and clear, meaning car plastic polish is in order.

Tom Torbjornsen, a radio show host and car fanatic, told USA Today that there are a number of things drivers can do to prolong the life of their motor and also make it more fun to be in.

Among his recommendations is detailing the headlights with car plastic polish to ensure they offer maximum visibility and are fit for purpose.

Mr Torbjornsen suggested investing in Turtle Wax's headlight restorer, which he stated would return the headlight covers to their original condition.

There are many other products detailing fans could use however, with Meguiar's Plastx and Mothers PowerBall two other choices.

Rhonda Wheeler, writing for the Las Vegas Review Journal, said recently that the latter detailing product would make a good present for a car fanatic.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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