Car exterior care ‘involves cleaning, polishing and protection’

There are many elements to car exterior care but there are three which are absolutely essential to maintaining its showroom shine.

They are washing with a good car shampoo, polishing with top-of-the-line car polishes and protecting all this hard work with some car waxes.

Cleaning with car shampoo and wash mitts will get rid of grit, dirt and other contaminants that drivers do not want to rub in when they start polishing and waxing.

While using clay bars is another important step, the main elements drivers need to worry about are the big three.

This point is one which is reinforced by Peter Doyle, writing for the Metro Canada, who said that those who invest in the best car waxes will not need to apply them very often.

"A good wax will last for several months," he stated.

Eric Cotsenmeyer, director of Lake County's Mosquito and Aquatic Plant Management programme, told that removing insects is easier if there is a layer of wax on the bodywork.

Posted by James Robson

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