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Meguiars Clay Bar – Which Is Best One To Choose & Why?

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Choosing Best Meguiars Clay Bar

As one of the world’s best known car care brands Meguiars offer a range of clay bars for your car, truck or motorcycle. But which is the best Meguiars clay bar for you? Today I will guide you through each of the different Meguiar’s clay bar products to help you make that choice.

This article will also include user reviews, product videos, where to buy and also a link to one of my most popular articles on what is a clay bar and how to how to use them.

The main benefit of using a clay bar can be likened to the prep you would put in when painting the woodwork in your home. Ideally you will want to get it as silky smooth as possible before painting. Claying is just the same.

You don’t want to be applying a coat of wax over paint that still has contaminants bonded into the surface. Meguiars clay bars, like other brands are made to remove these bonded contaminants to leave your paintwork silky smooth, ready for polishing and waxing. (more…)

Meguiars Ultimate Compound – Super Effective Car Paint Restorer

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Meguiars Ultimate Compound

Meguiars Ultimate Compound was launched into the car care market back in 2009 and quickly established itself as a high performing product.

Not only is it highly effective when it comes to restoring tired and neglected paint finishes but Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound also steps up to the mark where others fail in removing bird poop marks, water stains, tree sap and other annoying blemishes you sometimes find on your paintwork.

Meguiars Ultimate Compound uses a proprietary technology they have termed “Super Micro Abrasives”.

Although Meguiars are understandably very secretive about the details, essentially Ultimate Compound ¬†uses a special blend of extremely fine abrasives that do not breakdown the more you rub like the Diminishing Abrasives found in some of their polishing products. (more…)

Meguiars G18211 Ultimate Wax Paste For A Deep Mirror Like Shine

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Meguiars G18211 Wax For Deep Lasting Shine

Launched just a few short ¬†years ago Meguiars G18211 Ultimate Wax is Meguiar’s most advanced, pure synthetic hydrophobic wax which offers their longest lasting wax protection.

Hydrophobic, whilst it involves some very clever molecular technology, to us car care enthusiasts it simply means it repels water rather than attracting it. Thus the water simply sheets off your paintwork taking any muck and grime it contains with it, protecting and keeping your paintwork cleaner for longer.

As well as the hydrophobic properties, Meguiars Ultimate Paste Wax contains newly developed synthetic polymers which crosslink to form a protective barrier that amplifies reflections for incredible depth & mirror-like shine on your paintwork. (more…)