Turtle Wax unveils new scratch repair kit

With all the salt and grit spread on Britain's roads following the recent heavy snowfall drivers will more than likely have noticed a few scratches on their bodywork and Turtle Wax has unveiled a new scratch remover kit designed to rectify the problem.

The kit comprises four exterior care products which are designed to remove light scratches and restore the lustre to your car's bodywork.

A paint clarifying compound is included to tackle faint lines, while moderate and deep scratches will be dealt with by the Clear Coat Touch Up Pen.

The pack also contains three abrasive pads which will remove any excess clear coat and help get rid of scratches much quicker than traditional compounds and liquids.

Drivers also get a Spray Lubricant which will keep surfaces wet to allow the pads to be used effectively.

Those who cannot wait for Turtle Wax's offering could purchase Meguiar's ScratchX or the A1 Nano Scratch Remover Polish, both of which are available now.

Posted by Simone Williams

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