Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System ‘is a must buy’

The world of car exterior care products has changed dramatically over the years and now drivers are spoilt for choice when it comes to car shampoo, car waxes and car polishes.

Saul Vargas, writing on, said that companies spend millions on researching and developing the best solutions and motorists have a greater choice than ever before.

He stated that there are some essential car exterior care products which drivers must purchase, including Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System, which features an exclusive Paint Saving System which will remove contaminants with minimal effort.

Mr Vargas also recommended that motorists invest in Meguiars Ultimate Protectant Dash and Trim Restorer, which utilises UV clear-coat technology to prevent UV rays from damaging the dashboard.

Vivian Summers, writing on the Cars Show blog, recently warned drivers of the need to remove bird droppings as soon as possible, as the contaminants in them can cause permanent damage to the bodywork if left untreated.

Posted by James Robson

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