Clay bars ‘need to be folded over’

Drivers who want to take their car's shine from good to great know that clay bars are an essential part of a detailing kit.

However, the key to obtaining that showroom finish is knowing how to use clay bars properly so that they lift all the surface contaminants off the bodywork so that the car waxes and car polishes can do their job.

It is important to tear the clay bar into several pieces for effective use and once a certain part has been treated, folding the clay into itself can be a good technique for getting the most out of it.

This is something the team at Victory Detailing did when taking care of a Mercedes recently.

"We moulded the clay to fit inside many of the cracks to pick up the dirt around the edges. In order to ensure the area is clean, the clay needed to be folded over many times. As the clay hit every surface of the vehicle we were confident that all the dirt had been removed," they stated.

Marc Forget, owner of Street Freaks Detailing, told the Times Colonist that buying products such as clay bars is easy as they are not just the preserve of professional detailers any more.

Posted by James Robson

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