Car scratch remover ‘is one of the easiest products to use’

Cleaning carCar scratch remover is one of the easiest exterior care products owners can use themselves.

According to, unless marks are very deep and go through several layers of paint, car scratch remover can give positive results in 15 minutes.

Owners must realise however that scratches are rarely what they seem and that they may require more than just car scratch remover.

"Though it can be just a single line, the complicated thing about it is that it penetrates layers that are different from one another. As a result, you need to employ the use of other car care products like polishes," the website said.

The source went on to add that owners should shop around for the best deals on car care products.

Other car exterior care solutions drivers should own include car shampoo and polish, as these are considered essential items, according to a recent entry on

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