Remove Bird Muck From Your Car with New Poorboys Bird Sh#t Remover

Author: Rob Mobberley

Remove Bird MuckPoorboys World car care products are addressing one the car owners worst nightmares with their new Bird Sh#t Remover product to help remove bird muck and prevent the horrendous damage it can do to your car paint.

The new product is designed to remove both fresh and dried on bird muck from your car paint, glass, plastic and exterior vinyl trim or convertible hoods & soft-tops. Like all Poorboys products it has been designed and formulated to be simple to use and is a case of spray on, wait a short while for the product to work and then gently wipe off with a microfibre cloth or towel.

To remove bird muck that is baked or caked on your paintwork Poorboys recommend spraying and leaving the new Bird Sh#t Remover for a longer period for it to soak in and loosen the hardened grime. Then to gently remove by wiping with the microfibre, remembering not to drag or rub too hard.

The new Poorboys Bird Sh#t Remover comes in a 437ml bottle with trigger spray and has been launched as part of the Poorboys 10th Anniversary Limited Edition range.

Remove Bird Muck Marks & Etching

If the offending muck has been on your car from a while and after you remove bird muck from your paint work you find that it has left an etch mark in your paint work do not despair. In most cases, provided the damage is not too severe, it is still possible to correct this damage without and expensive trip to the bodyshop. Take a look at our post on How To Remove Bird Muck, Marks & Etching From Your Car Paintwork.

This will explain more about how the bird muck has affected the paint and what products and techniques are ideally used to help remove or significantly reduce the etching caused by the chemicals in the bird muck.


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