Car Paint Cleaning – How & When To Use A Pre Wax Cleaner

Car Paint Cleaning – How & When To Use A Pre Wax Cleaner


If you have been following my detailing guide series you will have now washed and dried your pride and joy in the safest possible, swirl avoiding ways and have completed the initial stage in your paintwork preparation. Your next step is car paint cleaning…

The purpose of this stage is to remove the fine defects from your paintwork in a way that removes as little paint thickness as is humanly possible.

The paint cleaning process, including the previous claying stage is one of the most important steps in detailing, as this will set the level onto which you apply your polish and paint protection.

Car Paint Cleaning vs Polishing

Car paint cleaning is usually achieved with the use of a pre-wax cleaner. The main difference between pre-wax paint cleaners and claybars is that clay bars remove above the surface contaminants and paint cleaners are designed to rectify below surface defects.

Completing both stages leaves a silk smooth and deep clean finish.

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