How Often Do I Have To Polish And Wax My New Car?

Polishing New carI was recently contacted by Avril who had a question that many others have asked in the past and which I thought the answer might be of interest to you. Avril’s question was:

“I have ordered my new car an Audi TT and I am planning to detail it when I get it to give the car the best possible shine and finish. My question is when I have finished how do i maintain the car, i.e. I would not expect to do this level of cleaning on a weekly basis. On a weekly basis do I just wash the car, do I wash and polish?”

In answer to Avril’s question I would first say that I would hope that having spent what is likely to be a reasonable amount of money on a new car, and I am assuming here that it is a “brand new car”, that I would not have to detail if straight from the showroom. However having visited a fair number of showrooms in the past I am sometimes horrified by the condition of the paintwork on some cars.

Now many dealers will try and flog you a “paint protection” package ranging from just a few hundred to several hundred pounds. Unfortunately many of these are not worth the amount of money charged by the dealerships, some of whom make nearly as much on the protection package as they do profit on the car!

If your new car has been “protected” you firstly need to be extremely careful and read the small print as to what after-care process and products you use, as you can find by using non-approved products you will invalidate any warranty provided with the package.

The first step…

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