How To Wax A Car By Hand (Like a Pro)

How To Wax A Car By Hand (Like a Pro)

If you are following my detailing guide series on reading this article you will be at a stage where your paintwork is suitably prepped for you to now look at how to wax a car by hand.

If you have not signed up for the guide series don’t worry this article will still guide you through how to wax your car, but you may want to catch up on some of the preparation steps to ensure you are working on the smoothest possible finish you can get prior to applying your car wax.

Although the title of this article is How To Wax A Car By Hand, I will also include the use of car paint sealants here as they are becoming just a popular, if not more so than waxes.

Indeed many concours enthusiasts will tend to apply a sealant first and then apply a layer or two of car wax over the sealant. Not only can this produce an extremely deep gloss shine, but also a longer lasting one.

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