Leather Repair Pens Make A Real Mark On The DIY Leather Repair Market

Leather Repair PensFor many years now car and furniture leather repair has been the preserve of a limited number of experts across the country and even for the smallest touch-up job this would not be inexpensive.

Now those small touch-up jobs can be done by the likes of you and I with an innovative new product from one of those expert companies. The new leather repair pens from The Leather Repair Company enable anyone wanting to do those simple touch-up jobs to do them quickly and easily with professional looking results.

Their pens are a professional grade pen that can be used to repair or recolour your leather and are the perfect partner for all types of repairs to leather handbags, leather jackets, leather car seats, leather furniture, leather golf bags, leather gun cases and much more.

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How to repair scuffs in car leather seats & trim using a leather repair kit

How to repair scuffs in leatherUntil recently restoring or repairing your car leather seats or trim would require either the expertise or the need to call in the experts to do it for you.

Fortunately, a number of these experts have recently made DIY leather repairs much more accessible to ALL of us, with the introduction of the DIY Leather Repair Kit .

In this and future articles, we will explain the step by step process for the repair of leather car seats and trim. Although much of what we will describe will be equally relevant to the repair of sofas, jackets, bags etc. Our first article will concentrate on scuffs in your leather with future posts taking a look at how to repair leather tears, burns, stains and other damage.

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