MOT Testing Criteria For Car Windscreen Damage and Scratches

How to remove scratches from glassWill my car fail its MOT if it has damage or scratches on the windscreen? What will cause a fail and what is acceptable for a pass?  What are the options for remedy or repair of scratches and damage?

These are questions that are frequently asked by car owners facing their next MOT and unsure if they should have their windscreen repaired or replaced prior to their test.

In this post we will look at the current testing criteria for windscreens and what is and is not likely to result in an MOT failure.

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Car Windscreen Repair | How to use glass scratch remover to remove scratches from your windscreen

How to remove scratches from glassIs your car windscreen or glass letting the side down? Are you seeking to find a windscreen and glass scratch remover to get rid of the annoying scratches in your glass? If like me and many other car enthusiasts you will strive to get the best possible shine on your paintwork, rims, tyres trim and any other part of your motor that gleams.

You then stand back only to be confronted by those horrid scratches in your windscreen glass – but how can you get rid of them…? The following is a simple guide to removing wiper blade and other scratches from your car glass and windscreen:

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