The plight of the lambswool wash mitt & how commodities markets affect the detailing world

Lambswool wash mittOf the items that dropped through our letterbox yesterday was a price update from one of our suppliers. There weren’t too many shocks and surprises in it – except one – the trade price of the lambswool wash mitt had increased by 50% – over 10 times  the current rate of inflation! This reminded me of a graph I had seen recently from PJ over at Dodo Juice which showed a similar trend to that of the Australian fine wool prices shown below:

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Top 10 Car Cleaning Gifts & Christmas Present Ideas for Car Lovers

10 Best Car Cleaning Gifts & Christmas Present IdeasHaving been asked by a close friend for ideas for a Christmas present for a car lover who has nearly everything, I immediately reeled off a list of the items I could think of that would make ideal car cleaning gifts.

But looking at the bemusement on her face then realised I was in fact reeling off my own, rather biased, wish list and not necessarily what her other-half would want or need.

So taking a step back I began to think about what others might be looking for. But where to begin? The answer didn’t take long.

Why not take a look at what our customers had been buying and searching for their friends, family and loved ones, as the perfect gift in the run-up to previous Christmas’s.

So through the data I trawled and finally armed with this research, I put together are our top ten Xmas car cleaning gifts for the motoring fanatic in your life. I have since also updated this list with some of the most popular car care items from other popular online shopping platforms.

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