Why A Used Car Warranty Can Be Good For Your Car Care (+ 5 Top Tips For Choosing One)

Used Car Warranty Guide

Now you might ask what has a used car warranty (or extended warranty) got to do with car care. The key to this question however lies in the fact that when it comes down to our cars many of us will readily admit we concentrate more time and attention on the look of our motors than we do the mechanics. 

It is however the mechanics of our cars that can give us the biggest headaches and dents in our wallets. This is where the used car warranty can form a vital part of your overall car care regime.  This was recently brought home to us after Ali changed her much loved, but aging VW Golf Mk3 (she loved that car so much) for a newer model.


A painful £1000 lesson…

Now in the 15 years she had owned her Mk3 the most we had to pay out in anyone time was for a new exhaust, after the old one decided to stay on the drive one-day as she reversed off! The only other major issues in all that time were a drivers side electric window mechanism and a starter motor – not bad for 15 years motoring.

Having had so much joy out of here MK3 VW Golf, there was only one choice for her – yes you guessed it – another Golf, but this time a newer model. Not a new one but one with far fewer years on it.

Now I am not sure if previously we had just been very lucky or that the more modern the car the more can, and ultimately will go, wrong with it. But despite it having been looked over by an experienced mechanic before buying, things gradually started to go wrong and within a matter of weeks we found ourselves parting with close to another £1000 in parts and repairs.

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