5 Best Car Wash Mitt Choices To Help Keep Your Motor Swirl Free

5 Best Car Wash Mitt Choices To Help Keep Your Motor Swirl Free

When it comes to choosing the best car wash mitt for cleaning your car there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration. If you are receiving my car car cleaning guides you will know that my first recommendation is to ditch your sponge and replace it with a good quality car wash mitt.

The first question will be what type of wash mitt should you choose? Should you go for a natural wool mitt, a microfibre wash mitt or some other material. How much should you expect to pay for a good quality mitt? Here I guide you through the 5 of the best car wash mitts available as I answer these questions for you.

Why Use A Car Wash Mitt

Essentially a good quality car wash mitt will pick up the dirt and grime particles on your paintwork and hold them within the fibres of the mitt and importantly, away from your paintwork. Thus helping remove the potential for them to be dragged across your paintwork, causing fine scratches and swirl marks as you wash.

This is also where the type of wash mitt and the length/plushness of the fibres plays an important role as we will see below.

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Meguiars Ultimate Compound – Super Effective Car Paint Restorer

Meguiars Ultimate Compound – Super Effective Car Paint Restorer


Meguiars Ultimate Compound was launched into the car care market back in 2009 and quickly established itself as a high performing product.

Not only is it highly effective when it comes to restoring tired and neglected paint finishes but Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound also steps up to the mark where others fail in removing bird poop marks, water stains, tree sap and other annoying blemishes you sometimes find on your paintwork.

Meguiars Ultimate Compound uses a proprietary technology they have termed “Super Micro Abrasives”.

Although Meguiars are understandably very secretive about the details, essentially Ultimate Compound  uses a special blend of extremely fine abrasives that do not breakdown the more you rub like the Diminishing Abrasives found in some of their polishing products.

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10 Essential Do’s and Don’ts Of Successful Car Detailing

10 Essential Do’s and Don’ts Of Successful Car Detailing


Car detailing is the art of getting your cherished motor looking as near to, and in many cases better than the day it was driven out of the showroom.

Whether you are seeking absolute perfection, to go one better than the next door neighbour or simply to look after and protect the value of your pride and joy, there are a number of key steps required to get and keep your vehicle looking like new.

This article forms part of the introduction to car detailing from our Detailing Guide series. Here I kick-start you with my 10 essential do’s and don’ts of successful car detailing.

If you follow and keep to these suggestions it will make your detailing much much easier and more enjoyable as well as avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes that I made as I was learning the ropes.

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Poorboys White Diamond Show Car Glaze For Light Coloured Cars

Poorboys White Diamond Show Car Glaze For Light Coloured Cars


If you’re on this page and you have a white, silver or other light colour paintwork on your vehicle, you will know like me how difficult it can be to get that real deep clean shine, where all you can normally see are masses of dulling swirl marks.

Enter Poorboys White Diamond Show Car Glaze, a real game changer when it comes to polishing light coloured paint.

Poorboys White Diamond is a formulation of gentle paint cleaners which remove grime and grease from the fine swirls in your paint.

These are combined with special fillers which smooth over the cleaned swirls to make your paintwork look perfectly smooth ready for your wax or sealant, giving your vehicle that deep gloss diamond like shine.

What’s more Poorboys White Diamond can be applied by hand or machine as well in the sun or in the shade. It really is an extremely versatile and effective product.

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Poorboys Black Hole – The Show Glaze For Dark Cars

Poorboys black hole removes & hides swirls

If you have a black, blue, red or other dark coloured paintwork on your car or bike you will know how difficult it can be to maintain that mirror like gleam. This is where Poorboys Black Hole comes into it’s own, with very little else on the market that can touch it in terms of performance and value for money.

Poorboys black hole is what is known as a glaze in the professional car detailing and valeting world. This means that it both cleans and fills light swirl marks in your paintwork to give your vehicle that deep glossy shine you’ve been looking for from your cleaning products.

It is also extremely easy to use and can be applied by hand in both sun or shade. It it also suitable for use car polishing machines if you have one.

Not only is Poorboys black hole glaze an extremely effective product it is also very popular and highly regarded product as shown in some of the reviews and comments shown further down the page.

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Wurth Plastic Dye – Plast PT – The Professionals Choice

Wurth Plastic Dye – Plast PT – The Professionals Choice


When it comes to your cars’ looks there is nothing worse than plastic trim parts that have faded to grey or in some cases near to white. So what do the professionals turn to when seeking the back to new look on their plastic parts? For many the product of choice is Wurth Plastic Dye Plast-PT.

Go behind the scenes in many garages and bodyshops up and down the country and you will undoubtedly find a range of Wurth products being used in many of them. The reason for this is that Würth products are subject to rigorous testing before a product is brought to market and where appropriate, their products will meet or exceed DIN or TÜV specifications.

In Europe and the UK Wurth are indeed the leading supplier of car/motorcyle care and maintenance products to the automotive workshop market.

Amongst their range of professional car care products is Wurth plastic dye which is a permanent colouring product, not just a dressing. Wurth Plast PT comes in a 75ml tube and is suitable to re-colour your bumpers, vinyl and fabric soft-tops, interior plastic trimmings, rubber parts, water hoses and running boards etc.

This professionals choice of dye for plastic comes in two colours. A black plastic dye and also in anthracite, a grey dye for plastic.

So if you are looking how to dye plastic black or grey see below on how to use this product, what others say about it and how to get hold of it.

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Forever Black Bumper & Plastic Trim Dye Kit – The Permanent Solution To Faded Bumpers

Forever Black Bumper & Plastic Trim Dye Kit – The Permanent Solution To Faded Bumpers

When it comes to finding the permanent solution to sun-faded car bumpers and black plastic trim, Forever Black Bumper, Trim Cleaner & Reconditioner Dye Kit is one of the car care industries amazing success stories.

Forever Black  is not a cosmetic dressing. It’s an easy-to-use permanent black bumper dye. It permanently colors black plastic, rubber and vinyl with the same polymers that the car manufacturers use.

It is not a silicone dressing – silicone products will make plastic, vinyl and rubber appear to have regained their colors but the change is temporary.

Plus, silicone oils have been known to dry out the applied areas creating a bigger problem. Silicone also tends to leave a greasy residue even after buffing.

In essence Forever Black Bumper care must be at the top of the list when looking for a product that restores the faded black plastic on your car.

How is Forever Black Different?

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How Often Do I Have To Polish And Wax My New Car?

Polishing New carI was recently contacted by Avril who had a question that many others have asked in the past and which I thought the answer might be of interest to you. Avril’s question was:

“I have ordered my new car an Audi TT and I am planning to detail it when I get it to give the car the best possible shine and finish. My question is when I have finished how do i maintain the car, i.e. I would not expect to do this level of cleaning on a weekly basis. On a weekly basis do I just wash the car, do I wash and polish?”

In answer to Avril’s question I would first say that I would hope that having spent what is likely to be a reasonable amount of money on a new car, and I am assuming here that it is a “brand new car”, that I would not have to detail if straight from the showroom. However having visited a fair number of showrooms in the past I am sometimes horrified by the condition of the paintwork on some cars.

Now many dealers will try and flog you a “paint protection” package ranging from just a few hundred to several hundred pounds. Unfortunately many of these are not worth the amount of money charged by the dealerships, some of whom make nearly as much on the protection package as they do profit on the car!

If your new car has been “protected” you firstly need to be extremely careful and read the small print as to what after-care process and products you use, as you can find by using non-approved products you will invalidate any warranty provided with the package.

The first step…

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How To Polish A Car By Hand – Step By Step Guide

How to Polish A Car By HandIn this post, I will look at and answer the popular question of How To Polish a Car By Hand. The majority of readers and customers who ask about polishing their cars start off by learning how to polish by hand before moving to the more advanced level of machine polishing.

Although admittedly you can achieve more in a shorter space of time with machine polishing, the majority of enthusiasts of which you may be one either have not yet got the desire, funds or confidence to make that leap. Instead, desiring to get the best possible results from a little bit of “elbow grease”. Although with modern polishing products the amount of effort required to achieve fantastic looking results is becoming less and less.

How To Polish A Car – Swirls & Paint Hardness

The most common defects that make cars look dull and unloved can most certainly be rectified or vastly lessened by hand polishing. The most common of such issues being swirl marks, also known as spider or cob-webbing.

Minor swirl marks can be permanently removed from your paintwork by hand and depending on the hardness of your cars paint combined with the severity of the swirling will determine the type of polish you will need to end up applying.

Before we get into the detail of how to polish a car by hand, let’s look for one moment at the subject of

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How to get the Bumpers on your Car Back to Black

Car Back To BlackDo you need to get the bumpers on your car back to black? Have they faded to a horrible dull grey colour? With so many different products on the market which is the best way to get them back to that deep showroom blackness?

You’ve probably seen reference to them all; protectants, detailers and bumper dressings, all designed to transform the look of your car bumpers and car trim back to new.

The problem with many of these products is that they make your trim look great on first application but will only tend to last a matter of weeks before they fade away and you then have to re-apply to get that car back to black look again.

So what causes the fading problem in the first place and how do you find a more permanent fix to you faded bumpers?

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