Engine Cleaning: How To Clean a Car Engine Safely

Engine Cleaning: How To Clean a Car Engine Safely


When it comes to cleaning your car’s engine it can sound like a daunting task. Washing under your bonnet sounds like more trouble than it’s worth. Yet, it is actually simpler and can be safer than you have been led to believe. A trusted procedure with a couple of basic precautions can avoid any complications.

Fortunately for you, the essential guide for how to clean a car engine bay is well detailed below. There is no need to consult a costly professional, follow this straightforward process and you can clean a car engine at home.

Why Clean an Engine?

The engine is the most important component in your motor vehicle. Therefore it should be imperative to keep it in tip-top condition. Whilst hidden under the bonnet it is still regularly exposed to dirt.

Over the years a choking residue of grime will surely have built up. If neglected the poor engines will feel like it is suffocating. Here are the key reasons why you should learn how to clean an engine.

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The Car Wash Products Everyone Should Have in Their Kitbag

Car Wash Products Kit BagWith so many car wash products on the market, choosing which ones to have in your kit bag can be a little confusing. Especially to anyone just starting out in the world of detailing.

Here I will explore some of the essential items anyone from beginner to expect should always have in their detailing kit bag.

The first may come as a bit of a surprise. If like millions of other car owners you regularly use a sponge to wash your car, please make an immediate change and Ditch That Sponge!

By the very nature of their make-up, if a sponge traps even the smallest amounts of dirt or grit between it and your paintwork it will tend to suck up the water leaving the grit to drag across the surface of your paintwork as you wipe, leaving fine swirls and scratches behind it.

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8 Top Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Your Microfibre Cloths & Drying Towels

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As any detailer will testify – you can never have enough in your detailing kit bag, whether for cleaning, polishing or drying. Most would also agree it is just as important that you take equal care of cleaning and caring for your microfibres as you do using them to detail your cherished motor.

Here we outline 8 Top Tips to wash, clean and care for your microfibre cloths and towels, keeping them in tip top condition and ensuring your are working at optimum performance.

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