All in a days Detailing with Meguiars, Poorboys and a G220 Polishing Machine

Colin contacted us to ask for some advice on detailing his Jaguar. He wanted to get a really good shine and was looking to buy the Meguiars Dual Action polishing machine. After recommending various products including a mix of Meguiars and Poorboys Black Hole, Colin finally got the good weather – and results –  he had been waiting for:

Colins' Jaguar before detailing commenced
Colins’ Jaguar before detailing commenced

“I started by rinsing the car off with a hose, I then mixed some Meguiars NXT car wash in my Meguiars bucket with grit guard, I soaped the car all over using a Meguiars Microfibre Wash Mitt after fully soaping the car, I thoroughly rinsed the car again using a gentle spray from the hose. 

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Meguiars Ultimate Wax & Meguiars Ultimate Polish Review

Meguiars Ulimate Paste Wax & PolishHere, with the help of one of our previous contributors we see how the established Meguiars Ultimate Wax and Ultimate Polish perform.

Step in Mark Beardmore, who travelled across to pick some and test out on Black 07 Ford Fiesta he was detailing later that day.

Before getting into the detail of the products themselves we must congratulate Meguiars on the quality of the packaging.

Not only do these products look good on the shelves in their new packaging, but they are also very sturdy and will have no problem in remaining intact when making their way through the post. 

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Step by Step Guide to Clear Plastic Headlight Restoration

Step by Step Guide to Clear Plastic Headlight Restoration

In this article, we take a look at a subject that affects nearly all car owners at some point in time – that of Clear Plastic Headlight Restoration. One of our regular customers recently pulled up outside our premises and asked me to take a look at his headlights which had become extremely clouded and dull over time from a combination of fine scratches and the effects of UV on the clear plastic.

Afraid that they were going to fail his upcoming MOT and not being able to afford a new set of headlights he wanted to know how he could restore the clarity back to his headlights.

I advised there are a number of different products available on the market which enable you to polish away light scratches, scuffs, haziness and surface marks from your headlights to leave them looking like new.

These range from single stage polishes, two step cleaning and polishing compounds to multi-step headlight restoration and protection kits.

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Top 10 Practical Motorcycle Gifts & Present Ideas for Motorbike Lovers In 2020

Muc Off Bicycle Essentials Cleaning Kit Hot on the heels of our Top 10 list for car lovers it seemed only right to take a look at the 10 best and most sought after motorcycle gifts for the motorbike lover in your life.

So girls what do you get your biker husband or boyfriend for Xmas and guys what about the biking lady in your life? – here are just a few suggestions based on what others have been searching and buying for birthday and Christmas gifts.

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Top 10 Car Cleaning Gifts & Christmas Present Ideas for Car Lovers

10 Best Car Cleaning Gifts & Christmas Present IdeasHaving been asked by a close friend for ideas for a Christmas present for a car lover who has nearly everything, I immediately reeled off a list of the items I could think of that would make ideal car cleaning gifts.

But looking at the bemusement on her face then realised I was in fact reeling off my own, rather biased, wish list and not necessarily what her other-half would want or need.

So taking a step back I began to think about what others might be looking for. But where to begin? The answer didn’t take long.

Why not take a look at what our customers had been buying and searching for their friends, family and loved ones, as the perfect gift in the run-up to previous Christmas’s.

So through the data I trawled and finally armed with this research, I put together are our top ten Xmas car cleaning gifts for the motoring fanatic in your life. I have since also updated this list with some of the most popular car care items from other popular online shopping platforms.

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Preparing and Protecting Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage

No products found.If you are based in the UK, the Pacific Northwest, New England or elsewhere with a similar climate, you will no doubt be all too familiar with the need to take extra steps and precautions for your motorcycle winter storage.

Here we look at what steps should you take and some of the products recommended in preparing and storing your motorbike over the winter months.

1 – One of the main reasons for starting problems encountered when the first rays of spring occur is a build-up of deposits, oxidation and corrosion in the fuel system during long periods of storage.

Before finally putting your motorcycle under wraps, add a good quality carb and fuel system cleaner such as Muc-Off Dry Lube or Red Line Fuel System Cleaner and take a last 10 mile ride.

This will help clean through the carburetor and fuel system and protect it from the build-up of deposits and corrosion. Next…

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Car Windscreen Repair | How to use glass scratch remover to remove scratches from your windscreen

How to remove scratches from glassIs your car windscreen or glass letting the side down? Are you seeking to find a windscreen and glass scratch remover to get rid of the annoying scratches in your glass? If like me and many other car enthusiasts you will strive to get the best possible shine on your paintwork, rims, tyres trim and any other part of your motor that gleams.

You then stand back only to be confronted by those horrid scratches in your windscreen glass – but how can you get rid of them…? The following is a simple guide to removing wiper blade and other scratches from your car glass and windscreen:

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Car Polishing Machines and the Difference Between Rotary, Dual Action & Orbital

When looking to buy a polishing machine we often get asked if Rotary car polishing machines are suitable for first-time users and what the main differences are between Rotary, Dual Action and Orbital car polishers.

Rotary Polishers

The motor on these machines directly drives the polishing head that fixes directly to the backing plate onto which you fix your cutting, polishing or finishing pad.

This means all the power, and there can be a vast amount of it, is directly driving the rotation of the machine down onto and across your paintwork – too much pressure and you can quickly burn through your paintwork.

However the upside is

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What is Nano Technology and how does it Work in Car Care Products?

Like many other industries the car care market is always looking for that next breakthrough product that will provide a “better shine”, “more effective scratch removal” or “the best beading you have ever seen”. The adoption of “Nano Technology” appears to be one of those bandwagons that many manufacturers are now jumping on-board.

But what is Nanotech as it is more commonly called, how does it work and what, if any, are the benefits to you?

The wikipedia definition of Nanotech is: “the study of the controlling of matter on an atomic and molecular scale.” In other words developing materials whose basic structure is made of particles measuring between 1 and 100 billionth of a meter in at least one dimension.

To give you an idea of how small that is, it would take eight hundred one hundred nanometer particles side by side to match the width of a human hair!

How does it work?

How Nano Technology Works in Car Wax

How it works will depend on the type of product, i.e whether a car wax or a scratch remover. The general principle for car wax, sealants and polishes is

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