Adam's Polishes

Adams Polishes was started in California in 2000 by Adam Pitale. Adam wanted to create a range of detailing products that just do all the jobs in an effective way.

Now the wide complete range of products covers nearly every area when it comes to beginner and enthusiastic detailing, from detailing sprays and polishes to apparel, pressure washers and home care Adams Polishes has it all available. 

Adam’s Polishing Products

Wheels & Tires

When it comes to wheels and tires, they can take a real beating from road grime, salt and brake contaminants so Adams Polishes has you covered with all the products with no frills or expensive price tags.

Adams wheel cleaner with its effective chemical formula that specifically targets brake dust and contaminants. Simply spray on watch the wheel bleed purple as it targets and dissolves stubborn grime. 

Works perfectly on most wheels with its acid free and pH neutral formula but for those with specialised raw aluminium and aftermarket wheels Adams has created an ECO wheel cleaner that is ECO friendly and also safe for all wheel types with the same powerful cleaning performance and dreamy citrus scent. 

Working hand in hand with these wheel cleaners Adams have created a range of specialized car detailing wheel brushes  including a soft nylon bristle rim and wheel brush, a heavy duty chemical resistant bristle brush and an angled, thin barrel brush for those hard to reach inner areas. These come in a handy kit or can be purchased separately and don’t break the bank.

Adams Polishes Kits 

Adam’s Polishing has a fantastic range of kit’s and specially put together sets for those just starting out in detailing or want to get everything you need in one easy bundle. 

Perfect gifts for those detailers in your life or to replenish the arsenal Adams won’t let you down. 

Adam’s have combo kits that include multiple items that you may not have tried and are great to try new products or crafted kits with chosen products to make any problematic task a distant memory. 

“Adams Daily Driver Detailing Kit” has been hand-crafted by the Adams Polishing team to create a kit with every product you will need to keep your daily driver car or truck in tip-top condition.

Including step-by-step products from a car shampoo and all-purpose cleaner to a spray detailer for those touch-ups. Including brushes and microfibers and even an Adam’s bucket and grit guard this kit is the perfect starter into the world of detailing. 

The best selling kits from Adams are the arsenal builder bundles that come in the 6 piece and 17 piece kits. 

The 6 piece complete vehicle cleaning bundle equips you with the essentials for all parts of your car or truck. From shampoo and wheels & tires to glass and interior cleaner. Get all these perfect additions to your detailing kit for one great price.

The must have best value kit is the 17 piece starter kit. Packed with easy to use and most used products and accessories when it comes to detailing.

Including all the products from the 6 piece kit and adding the essential grab and go accessories to accomly you in your detailing journey. This amazing kit includes Adams foam gun, bucket and grit guard, super soft microfiber towels and body & wheel wash mitts. 

Foam Products & Sprayers

Adams Polishes prides themselves in their foaming washes and cannons for all budgets and experience levels, from hose attached foamers to premium pressure washer designed cannons with thicker foams and quality quick connectors.

Adam’s offers a no pressure washer quick and easy to use with a large 32 oz capacity bottle for layers of suds without breaking the bank. This entry level sprayer is also included in the Adam’s polishes 17 piece arsenal kit as mentioned earlier! 

The standard pressure washer foam cannon has been designed to maximize thick suds while being efficient due to improvements in pressurizing technology meaning a 5/1 ratio of water to shampoo means you can keep creating layers upon layer of snow foam without compromise.

Adjustable input to how thick you want your foam and spray pattern for wide passes or a single shot jet.

Along with these spray cannons and foamers, Adam’s has their own line of foaming shampoos and suds including their incredibly highly rated Mega Foam that introduces an ultra thick concentration of foam that safely removes dirt, grit, grime and other contaminants while lowering the chance of introducing swirls and scratches to the paintwork.

Shampoo & Wash

The shampoo and wash car wash range from Adam’s isn’t as extensive as other competing brands but this isn’t a bad thing. These products are not meant to be fancy or full of features, they are meant to do the job that’s printed on the label.

With Adam’s polishes their pH-neutral body-safe wash you get a no-frills safe and effective wash chemically formulated to be effective even in full sunlight. An added fresh berry scent just tops it off while giving a slick lubrication to the paintwork. 

Another noteworthy product is Adam’s wash & wax, available in 16 oz and 1 gallon. It really is a do it all product, providing a slick even coating of shampoo then leaving an enhanced gloss and protection for routine washes with its added pure carnauba wax polymers. Not as foamy as the mega or ultra foam shampoos but is the perfect go to weekly use wash.

Garage and workshop accessories 

Adams Polishes don’t just make outstanding chemicals and formulas but also advance garage accessories and machines to make light work at any task at hand. You know you will be in good hands when you trust the tried and tested garage accessories and machinery from Adams Polishes.

The Adam’s Pressure Washer 2.0 is a powerful 2000 PSI rated corded electric washer for all stages of detailing, from wash, foam and rinse effectively with the included interchangeable tips to adjust spray angle.

Built to be as low maintenance as possible with a built in stop/start system to increase life span. Included is a 40ft steel braided hose with quick release connections and 35ft power cord means no matter where the job on the property you will be able to reach. Easy to use, reliable and 110% customer satisfaction guarantee.    

Adams Standard Detailing Cart is a must for the avid detailer. The perfect storage organizer equipped with easy rolling rubber wheels, lightweight aluminum legs + 6 cup or spray bottle holders.

This perfectly pairs with the 17 piece arsenal kit from Adams and completely organizes those wheel products from your polishes. 

The Adams Air Cannon car blower is the safest way to dry your car & truck and protect and maintain the paintwork. Blowing warm filtered pure air onto your vehicle reduces damage to the paint during the drying process.

Also available in a smaller Jr version will take up even less garage space. 

Adams Polishes Interior Car Care & Glass

Adams Polishes not only cares for the exterior of your car or truck but wants your interior looking and smelling fresh while also being protected from day to day usage. 

With a range of detailers and protectants for both fabric and leather in an array of scents we’re sure you will find the right product for you. 

One of the best sellers from Adam’s is their Microban Interior Detailer with its all in one cleaning and protectant formula. Antimicrobial bacterial protection in an easy spray and wipe application removing dust, debris and oils and leaving a like factory freshness. 

Other popular interior products are their accessories like brushes, microfibre towels and air fresheners. The highly rated cockpit detailing brush is designed to extract and disperse debris from leather, carpet and upholstery.

This brush is even soft enough for rubber and plastics in your vehicle’s interior to not scratch or scrape. Works perfectly with the interior detailer and microfiber.

Graphene Ceramic Coatings & SiO2

Adam’s has created a new level of protection for your pride and joy in its graphene ceramic coating. Applying a clear nano-coating gives your vehicle up to 7+ years protection from the elements and UV rays whilst repelling dirt and contaminants and increased water beading. 

Available in both a kit and standalone bottles, see the difference and slickness in your paintwork after a ceramic coating boost!

The best selling spray coating is easier than ever to use, add a hydrophobic boost and seal and protect the paint. Works on most surfaces including painted panels, wheels and glass, this can pretty much cover the whole car or truck.

More powerful than infused SiO2 products this is a true graphene coating for maximum protection leading the way in the detailing space as this spray coating can last up to 1 year+ and has been exceptionally received by the public with its fantastic ratings and reviews.

SiO2 products have become hugely popular and the norm being infused into, wash’s, wax’s and detailers and Adam’s polishes has included their graphene technology into these products.

The graphene shampoo has been created to add hydrophobic properties on coated or uncoated vehicles while still lifting dirt and contaminants from the surface of the paintwork. Perfectly used by Adam’s foam cannon for an even, foamy wash. 

Use Adam’s graphene detailing spray to top up the coating and leave an extra glossy finish or as a clay luber to help rid the paintwork of contaminants and once again in an easy spray and wipe application process creates effortless results in seconds.