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Welcome to the 2nd edition of “The Week In Detail(ing)”. This week we include the announcement of the dates and venue for Waxstock 2014, some unbelievable car wash “fails” which we spotted courtesy of the guys at Bilt-Hamber.

There is also some great footage of how a Gtechniq product repels high pressure water and a new product from CarPro, plus details of the next Chemical Guys training day.

Waxstock Announce Venue and Dates

Waxstock is the UK’s National Car Care Show have this week announced a new venue for the 2014 event. This year it is being moved from Peterborough to the Jaguar Exhibition Hall in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on 27th July 2014.

The announcement of the venue is great news for most detailers an enthusiasts with the venue being in a much more central location with easy transport links to most parts of the country. There are also some impressive facilities on-site including Hotel, Casino, Bar, Bistro and Coffee shop making it considerably more appealing to most than the previous “agricultural” venue.

As I write no announcement has yet been made on ticket availability but prices are expected to remain roughly in line with last years prices. Full details are expected to be available on the website within the next few days.

I Don’t Believe It….

Well it’s here in full colour – some of the most bizarre and unbelievable car washing video clips all rolled into one. Take a moment to watch this – you won’t believe your eyes!

Thanks to the guys over at Bilt-Hamber for sharing this.


Chemical Guys UK Detailing University

The date for the next Chemical Guys UK Detailing University have been announced. It will be Sunday 23rd February at their premises in Glasgow and running from 9am till 5pm.

The day promises to cover all aspects of detailing together with hands-on training on all areas, including machine polishing with machines by Flex, Rupes and Festool usually available to try.

Anyone attending and completing the course will also receive a certificate of completion.  The last one held back in December was at a very reasonable cost of £75 with lunch included. For more details of this months event simply send them an email .

Beat This For Wet Weather Protection

With January 2014 being one of the wettest months on record here in the UK many of us will have had some experience or heard of the rain getting into places it usually wouldn’t. And one of the last places you would want it to get into is your car, especially one with a soft-top.

Just take a look at this for some extremely impressive water-repellent action from  on a drop-head Bentley.

CarPro Launch Spotless – Water Spot Remover

CarPro-SpotlessI doubt there is anyone of us who have not encountered the annoying appearance of water spots on your paintwork. Especially in some areas with extremely hard water with a high mineral content.

If left water spotting can actually cause damage even to the most resilient of vehicle surfaces, including clearcoat, brightwork trim, and glass!

To combat this problem and save potentially hours of work removing water spotting, CarPro have launched Spotless, a new water spot remover spray which is safe to use on your whole car surface and perfectly safe to use on their ceramic quartz coatings.

Priced at around £8 for the 500ml spray this new product is currently making its way into retailers

Detail Of The Week

This is a new feature which we will be including each week. Here we will highlight an impressive detailing job or finish that has been achieved by a professional or enthusiast detailer.

This week the job we spotted was from Russ at Midlands Car Care and just loved the reflection. This Skoda Octavia vRS underwent and Enhancement Detail and was finished in  and , along with a Wheel Refurb in Smoked Chrome.

Detail Of The Week

Over To You

Have you got any detailing new, product launches, press releases or just spotted something that would be of interest to detailers and enthusiasts. If so please let us know using the contact form link at the top right of this post.

Please also let us know what you think of The Week In Detailing in the comments/Disqus box below.



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