Women ‘leave washing the car to men’

It seems getting out the car shampoo and clay bars is a man's job more than a woman's.

New research from ContractHireandLeasing.co.uk revealed that 55 per cent of gents say they clean the vehicle themselves, compared to 37 per cent of females.

When asked whether another family member takes on car cleaning duties, 23 per cent of ladies answered yes, with just four per cent of guys saying the same thing.

Richard Lawton, spokesperson for the website, said that some gender stereotypes remain deep-seated in British culture.

"Previous research has shown that women tend to leave car maintenance to men too, but we're surprised that this even extends to simple jobs such as car washing," he added.

Recent research by Kwik Fit revealed that more people clean their car each week than go to church.

More than 6.2 million drivers bring out the wash mitts to give their vehicle some tender loving care, compared to 4.2 million who give thanks.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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