Winter tyres an option to look at?

Those who take pride in caring for their vehicle, by using items such as tyre cleaners to keep their motor in top shape, may wish to consider taking the step of fitting winter tyres.

As the colder weather approaches people might find there are a number of measures that are worth taking in order to make sure they see it through the coming months unscathed.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders' (SMMT) chief executive Paul Everitt suggested that in challenging conditions winter tyres can have a "major effect" on the performance of a car.

"With temperatures starting to drop and the wetter seasons approaching, motorists should make sure they have the best tyres for the road and climate conditions," he said.

Mr Everitt added: "Winter tyres provide greater grip and handling, reducing braking distances in cold, wet conditions as well as on snow and ice."

This may prove particularly useful if the UK is subject to the kind of cold snaps it has faced over the past couple of years, which have seen heavy snowfall occurring around the country.

People might find they feel safer are more confident as the SMMT, citing the British Tyre Manufacturers's Association, pointed out that a car fitted with winter tyres braking on an icy road at 30mph is likely to stop 11 metres before one without.

While using microfibre cloths and other materials to keep their motor looking at its best consumers might also find it is worth taking a look at the condition of their rubber.

Recent research conducted by HiQ indicated that dangerously worn tyres are being used to make journeys by 42 per cent of people behind the wheel.

The firm's retail development manager Farrell Dolan stated that despite recent campaigns to raise awareness of having defective tyres, many are still not getting the message.

Posted by James Robson

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