Windscreen cleaner could ensure good visibility

Using windscreen cleaner could be worth considering both for those who take pride in the appearance of their vehicle and those wanting to remain on the right side of the law.

With winter approaching drivers might find their windshield becomes increasingly difficult to see through, something that might prove problematic when other factors such as icy roads and darkness are added.

Commenting on the changing conditions and the steps drivers should take, Mike Reitan, writing for the West Fargo Pioneer, stated that just a few minutes of effort will offer those behind the wheel an unobstructed view.

"Take time to make sure your windows are clear," he said, noting that a little time spent on the driveway can help a day to run more smoothly.

Mr Reitan stated: "You may have seen others driving while looking out the small area of the windshield cleared by the defroster.

"Or you may have seen someone who scraped clear a basketball size area of the windshield before taking off. Neither example provides enough visibility to operate a motor vehicle safely."

He added that in order to achieve the highest possible level of safety it is important that a motorist can clearly see through all the windows in a vehicle and noted that achieving this can be made easier with commercial products.

This may prompt some to invest in glass cleaner to ensure that their car looks at its best, while also ensuring they can see the road ahead.

Tree sap, bug splats and bird dropping could also have an impact of the appearance of a vehicle and those who want to minimise the risk of these causing potentially long-term damage might find car waxes have a role to play.

Victory Detailing recently stated it improved the look of a Chevrolet using carnauba wax.

Posted by Anne Simpson 

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