Wheels ‘should be washed on a weekly basis’

When it comes to maintaining a car's looks, it is vital to wash it once a week, with the wheels an especially important area to concentrate on.

Waynne Smith, senior partner at TorqueCars.com, said drivers should focus on the rims as these can become damaged if left untreated.

Motorists may want to use car wheel cleaners every seven days to remove contaminants that can ruin the look of the alloys.

"A car should be washed weekly, especially the wheels. Brake dust gets baked on and becomes very hard to remove if left [for] a long time," Mr Smith said.

The expert added that clay bars should be used on the body to get rid of any surface contaminants on the bodywork before car waxes and car sealants are applied.

Jaime Montoya, owner of JAMS Automotive, told KFOX14 recently that prevention is better than cure when it comes to car maintenance.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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