Wheels ‘need to be cleaned consistently’

Brake dust can make a car's rims look old and tired very quickly which is why drivers must keep on top of it by using alloy wheel cleaners, car brushes and microfibre cloths.

According to an entry on Torque Cars, the rims are exposed to stones, grit and other contaminants which can wreak havoc if motorists do not take steps to protect them.

The article stated that it is much easier to remove brake dust and rectify marks by tackling them on a regular basis rather than cleaning once in a blue moon.

Once alloy wheel cleaners have been used to revitalise the wheels, it is important to protect them to ensure all the hard work does not go to waste.

The key to this is wheel sealants, according to the source.

"If you have put all that effort into cleaning your rims it seems daft not to spend a little time applying protection [to] them," the article went on to note.

Paul Caller, chief executive at Autoglym, said recently that acid-free wheel cleaners are the best option to go for.

Posted by Simone Williams

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