Washing cars in winter ‘is essential’

The weather is getting ever colder and when grit and salt are put on the roads the need for regular car exterior care increases.

Cindy Sears, owner of #1 Express Carwash and Detail Center told West Life News that grit and salt can wreak havoc on a vehicle's bodywork, meaning that drivers should use car shampoo, car wax and car polish to protect their vehicle.

"It protects the car's finish from long-term damage from corrosive salt, de-icing materials and winter road grime," she stated.

Ms Sears said that bird droppings, tree sap and bug splats are more common in warmer months but something which is a threat during the winter is acid rain.

"Acid rain, which is common in urban industrial areas … will actually eat through a car's finish and clear coat, permanently etching the finish," she told the news provider.

Drivers with vehicles that have dark or metallic finishes will notice the effects of acid rain most, Ms Sears added.

Ian Hardwood, corporate sales and operations manager at Custom Truck Parts, told the Province that even cars which are to be stored away for the winter should be given a thorough clean before being put under wraps.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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