Washing cars frequently ‘will stop the onset of rust in winter’

Rust is something drivers do not want to see on their motors but while there are products such as Brilliant Metal Polish and Restorer to help battle the problem, some motorists may be unaware of the area of their car most susceptible to rusting.

Steven Fisco, president and owner of Fisco Auto Body shop, told Bankrate.com that normally people would need to use Wurth Rust-Stop White-Grey on the rear quarters of their vehicle, but what should concern them most is the doors.

"Doors are actually the worst because they rot on the inside and you don't see that damage until it gets really bad … it will get started and grow in those places where you have two layers of metal pinched or welded together," he stated.

The salt and slush on winter roads means that the threat of rust is a real concern, with the only answer being to invest in car shampoo, car waxes and microfibre cloths and washing the vehicle on a regular basis.

Another essential detailing product for winter is glass cleaner, according to the Daily Telegraph's Mike Rutherford, who said recently that keeping the inside and outside of the windscreen clean is vitally important.

Posted by Simone Williams

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