Washing cars by hand ‘is better than using machines’

Drivers should invest in car exterior care products such as car shampoo, alloy wheel cleaners and microfibre cloths and clean their vehicle themselves, as they will do a more thorough job than any machine can.

That is the view of Edward Rogers, a mobile car wash veteran from Atlanta, who told the Associated Press that as far as he is concerned, washing a car manually is by far the better option.

"A hand can get to places that a machine can't get. You're able to actually press down and wipe," Mr Rogers stated.

This is a point which was echoed in a recent entry on HubGarage.com, in which a motoring enthusiast from Melbourne recommended that drivers take the time to wash their cars by hand.

He stated that the brushes employed at many automatic car washes are harsh on the vehicle's paint and can actually do more harm than good.

Posted by James Robson

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