Washing and waxing ‘are of the utmost importance’

Car shampoo and car waxes are two car exterior care products which no driver should find themselves without, as they are crucial in protecting a vehicle from the elements.

According to an entry on the Autos Cars Bikes blog, both interior and exterior detailing are very important, with motorists required to use the correct products, including alloy wheel cleaner, glass cleaner and vinyl care solutions.

With regards to the outside of the vehicle, car wax and shampoo must be used if the paint job is to maintain its lustre.

"Washing and waxing is of the utmost importance, not only for cosmetic purposes, but it removes dirt, salt and water spots that can damage the paint and body," the blog added.

Drivers are also advised that they should only need to wax the car twice a year or so.

A similar point was recently made by Autoglym, which said that drivers should be taking steps to prepare their car for the winter months by using car care products.

Posted by Matt Casson

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