Washing and detailing ‘are not the same thing’

Washing a car will remove bits of dirt, grit and other contaminants which can leave it looking tired, however, this should not be confused with detailing.

While using car shampoo and drying with microfibre cloths is important in keeping it looking fresh, this does not protect the paint from the elements and must be repeated on a weekly basis.

Detailing on the other hand involves going the extra mile to make sure the vehicle looks great and continues to do so.

For example, detailing requires items such as clay bars, car waxes, car polishes and alloy wheel cleaners.

These products take car care to a new level and that is the difference between the two processes.

It is a point reinforced by the experts at Ricochet's Rapid Detail who said there is a simple way to tell whether a motor needs a little extra tender loving care.

"Rub your hand across an upper surface. If it is rough, you need to detail your car. It prevents the paint and its clear coat deteriorating," the team stated.

Recent research by Swinton found that car maintenance is something that many people in Britain neglect to do.

Posted by Simone Williams

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