‘Wash regularly’ to avoid car rust

Car shampoo may be top of the priority list for motorists keen to keep their vehicles free from rust.

Writing for North Shore News, Ashley Macdonald described such corrosion as a "car killer", noting the problem often occurs when metal is exposed to air or moisture over an extended period of time.

And drivers may want to reach for car cleaner bottles sooner rather than later, as Elite Auto Body owner Brad Green claimed the key to avoiding rust is to wash a motor regularly.

Doing so will make it easier to see if there are chips in the paint, which "is the perfect breeding ground for rust", the expert observed.

He added dirt, grime and salt can all become a problem for motorists if they fail to keep their automobiles clean.

Bob Forward of Ens Toyota recently claimed car polish can work wonders when preparing a motor for long outdoor drives as the better weather approaches.

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