Wash mitt, microfibre sponge and shampoo ‘essential for car detailing’

Cleaning carDrivers should make sure that when they give their car a thorough clean they use specific exterior cleaning products such as car shampoo, microfibre sponges and wash mitts.

According to an entry on For You Articles, the first step to take when cleaning a vehicle is selecting the right soap, with car shampoo better than using washing up liquid.

"Don’t use dish soap. Dish soap is very harsh and was not designed to be used on the automotive painted finishes," the post states.

When buying car exterior cleaning products, drivers should also purchase a microfibre sponge and a wash mitt, as items made out of other materials can ruin the bodywork.

"Using an old rag is a sure fire way of scratching your paint," the post goes on to say.

Proppa.com recently claimed that car shampoo and car polish are two of the most important exterior care products that motorists can buy.

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