Use windscreen cleaner ‘to prevent smearing’

WindscreenAfter visiting a car wash, drivers may want to use windscreen cleaner to wash down their window, as this will reduce the chances of smearing, it has been claimed.

Eric Thompson, writing for, said that this is one step to increase road safety while driving in the wet.

Car washes use wax to clean the vehicle and this wax remains on the windscreen even after rinsing.

If its starts to rain, this wax can cause a hazard as drivers will not be able to see out of their windscreen.

"Clean your windscreen after a car wash as the wax causes the water to bubble up and smear. Clean the inside of the screen to remove any film that may cause bad reflections or distortions as you drive," Mr Thompson said.

Motorists may want to buy windscreen wash online, as there is a good chance they will save some money, according to Ed Bowsher, head of consumer finance at, who recently suggested that consumers can purchase many goods cheaper via the internet.

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