Use Mothers Professional Car Wash Shampoo ‘for the best results’

To get the best results when cleaning a car, drivers have to use the most effective products and that includes the Mothers' California Gold professional car wash shampoo.

Saul Vargas, from, said that in the past he used his mum's dish soap to clean his vehicle and gave little thought as to how much damage it did.

Now older and wiser, he uses dedicated car cleaning products to get the job done and he recommends that motorists who want to achieve the best results follow suit.

Regarding car shampoo, he stated that Mothers' California Gold professional car wash shampoo is the pick of the bunch and said that no serious detailer should be found without it.

To make savings on car shampoo and other car exterior cleaning products, drivers would do well to purchase them online as opposed to on the high street.

Ed Bowsher, head of consumer finance at, recently stated that in many instances people can save significant sums by shopping on the internet.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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