Use microfibre cloths ‘to avoid scratching a vehicle’s paint’

When it comes to removing bird droppings from a car's body, drivers should use dedicated car exterior care products with microfibre cloths.

That is according to the team at the bavauto blog for BMW and Mini enthusiasts, who told one reader that the P21S Total Auto Wash solution will cut through bird droppings, oil and bug splats.

In terms of applying the product, a microfibre cloth is a must if drivers want to achieve the best job possible.

"These towels will grab and encapsulate the surface contaminants so that they do not scratch the paint. The towels are fully washable," the team went on to add.

Recent research from Autoglym has shown the importance of investing in bug cleaner as well as products which cut through bird droppings.

According to the study, insect splats can do just as much damage to a car's bodywork as bird lime, with the paint and lacquer deteriorating if dead bugs are left on for too long.

Posted by Simone Williams

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