Use car wax ‘to combat spring allergies’

With the warmer weather approaching, car wax could have more benefits than simply bolstering the aesthetic appeal of a motor.

Carolina Live has reported that drivers who often suffer from allergies during spring and summer because of the high pollen count could combat the ailment by making use of car wax.

Don Scalzott, manager at US-based Mason's Auto and Tyre Store, said using the product is an easy way to keep a vehicle pollen-free.

He explained: "Wax it. Put a good coat of wax on it. That way when the pollen does fall on it, take a garden hose and hose it off."

And drivers may want to use a chamois leather to wipe off any pollen, as Mr Scalzott noted a dry cloth could scratch the surface.

Writing for, Stephen Ottley recently claimed regular washing could be one way that car owners can ensure they are able to sell their motor.

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