Upholstery stains ‘should never be scrubbed side-to-side’

When carrying out car interior detailing, it is important not to scrub at stains on the upholstery in a side-to-side motion, as this will make the problem worse, it has been claimed.

According to International AERO products, cleaning stains in this way will just push the debris further into the carpet and make it more difficult to remove.

"Never scrub a stain in a side-to-side motion, it just pushes the contamination into the carpet fibre," the firm noted.

Instead, owners should invest in car cleaning brushes and tamp the mark to get rid of it.

"Quickly and repeatedly rap a stain with a tamping brush until the stain is removed," the company added.

Randy Loyk, from AMA, told 660News recently that now is a good time for drivers to dedicate some time to giving their vehicles a thorough detailing job inside and out as the weather begins to get better.

Posted by Matt Casson

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