Tyre cleaners may be important after snow

Vehicle owners may be wise to use tyre cleaners and other products to improve the state of their wheels following the recent heavy snowfall across the UK.

AlignMyCar.co.uk says many motors may have suffered minor damage during the extreme weather that has so far gone unnoticed.

Indeed, this can include poor alignment of their tyres, possibly after hitting the kerb during icy conditions.

"Even very low speed impacts can cause significant misalignment or damage to components, especially if they occur at an unusual angle," remarks Pro-Align's managing director Paul Beaurain.

And cars with poor wheels are likely to become increasingly inefficient, as they typically consume more fuel and will require new tyres sooner as existing sets wear away.

Once the necessary maintenance work has been completed, using tyre cleaners might be a nice way to restore a vehicle to its best state.

Wavy.com recently advised people to care for their cars as soon as snow falls, as the white powder can cause significant exterior damage if it is left.

Posted by Matt Casson

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