Tyre cleaner firm reveals ‘essential’ detailing tools

There are some car cleaning products which drivers should never find themselves without and one company has listed the five most important.

According to the Powersheen blog, car shampoo is a staple of every car cleaning kit, as there is no substitute for it.

Second on the list are wash and polish mitts, which are made of soft materials and are kind to the paint.

Next on the list is tyre cleaners, which are essential if the rubber is to look as good as the rest of the vehicle.

"Look for a dressing that sticks to your tyre. Many low-quality tyre dressing formulas will splatter onto the paint of your car after application," the blog added.

Chamois leathers are also something car enthusiasts should have ready to hand, with microfibre cloths also recommended.Finally, glass cleaner should be used to ensure the windows are crystal clear, with ammonia-free products suggested by the company.

Harpeet Singh, writing for Blog Mera, recently said that drivers should purchase a car sealant to give their bodywork some extra protection.

Posted by Simone Williams

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