Treat dad with car cleaning products this Father’s Day?

For those whose husbands or dads like to spend a Sunday afternoon out on the drive polishing every nook and cranny on the can getting him something useful this Father's Day should not be too taxing a task.

There is a plethora of professional-grade car cleaning products that could put a huge smile on his face, with brands such as Autoglym, Poorboys and Chemical Guys offering a range of car waxes, car shampoo and other items.

According to Carolyn McTighe, writing for the QMI Agency, if dad likes looking after his vehicle then buying him a selection of washes, polishes and cloths is a great idea.

Among the items she recommends are microfibre cloths, wash and polish mitts, interior detailing solutions, shampoo and wax.

For those whose dads are used to polishing by hand, investing in a car polisher could be a good idea, as AsiaOne's Darren Chang said recently that they do a better job than the human hand.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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