Tinted windows ‘should be cleaned with ammonia-free glass cleaner’

Glass cleaner is an important car cleaning product but those with tinted windows need to be careful with which product they use.

Writing for the Bermuda Sun, Krishna King, after-sales parts manager at Bermuda Motors, said that glass cleaner along with microfibre cloths should be used to give the windows a streak-free finish.

However, those with tinted windows need to select a glass cleaner which is specially-formulated for them, as a standard product could end up doing more harm than good.

"When cleaning the inside of the windows, use a clean cloth sprayed with glass cleaner to avoid streaks. If you have tinted windows, do not use cleaner with ammonia as it could cause your tint to become discoloured, crack or bubble," he added.

Keeping the windscreen clean both inside and out is vital for road safety, as the Institute of Advanced Motorists recently warned that dirty glass can make the sun's glare worse and make it harder for drivers to see where they are going.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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