The state of a man’s car ‘says a lot about him’

The state of a man's car 'says a lot about him'

It is important single guys keep their car in tip-top condition as some women believe the state of a vehicle reveals a lot about the person driving it.

According to an entry from Grace Santos on Article Land, some ladies claim that a bloke who looks after his motor probably takes good care of himself with regards to health and hygiene.

It is therefore essential for singletons to use car polish and give their motor a good shine, as it will be noticed.

“Car polish – in whatever form – can help maintain the attractiveness of your vehicle. So, a little commitment in the car polish rite on weekends could work wonders in making your car roadworthy well into the future,” Ms Santos said.

She added that some women would prefer a man who maintains his car rather than one who lets it rust and deteriorate.

According to a recent study by, 40 per cent of people would be put off giving someone a second date if they picked them up in a dirty and smelly car on the first.

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