Teens ‘can help’ with car exterior care

Teens 'can help' with car exterior care

Most parents teach their children from a young age that doing chores is an important part of growing up.

The tasks allocated to youngsters should be age-appropriate, advised Priscilla Benfield, writing on Helium.

One job that could be fun for both young and older offspring could be washing the car, especially if they are allowed to finish the job with a mini water fight.

And to avoid car scratches by using the wrong equipment, a pure wool wash mitt may ensure kids do not accidentally ruin a car’s exterior, although car scratch remover could help get rid of any unsightly scrapes.

“Part of your teen’s chore list can include doing things like mowing the lawn, washing the car or other outside jobs that need to be done,” suggested Ms Benfield.

She added while not every family member may be enthused about washing car exteriors or helping around the home, they should be reminded that one day they will have their own space or vehicle and will realise the importance of looking after it.

Mums and dads may decide the sooner they get their kids to don a pure wool wash mitt to help clean the car, the better!

Posted by Matt Casson

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