Synthetic car waxes ‘are easy to apply’

British motorists have been advised of the benefits of synthetic car waxes, which apparently last a long time and are easy to apply, particularly since they do not need to be stripped each time round.

Senior partner at Waynne Smith noted that such options are his personal preference when buffing his vehicle, although people should look at the condition of the paintwork and select an appropriate product.

He added that wax typically outlasts sealants and warned people to exercise caution when using car polishes as these can contain abrasive particles that, while removing minor scratches and swirls, will also take a small paint layer away each time as well.

"The wax or sealant will help protect the car from damage. The biggest risk is from birdlime. This will eat into the paint work if left," Mr Smith remarked.

According to car detailer Michael Stoops, speaking to AOL Autos, a polisher can be particularly useful, although some people are afraid of it since it can burn the paint if used incorrectly, in which case a dual-action polisher would be a good purchase.

Posted by Matt Casson

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