Swirls and scratches ‘can be caused by improper washing and drying’

If a car develops increasing amounts of swirls and scratches one of the main reasons could be that owners are washing and drying it incorrectly.

That is according to Todd Cooperider, from Esoteric Auto Detail, who told a reader on Detailed Image that while there are a number of different mechanical car washes available, drivers should always maintain their motor by hand.

He said that motorists should do their research and learn how to use car exterior cleaning products – such as car waxes or car polish – so they can do the job properly.

"I would highly recommend learning the latest washing and drying techniques to keep your paint looking its best. Improper washing and drying is the number one reason for swirls and scratches in paint," Mr Cooperider added.

Those who want to get rid of scratches could invest in car scratch remover and restore their paint to its former glory.

Another step drivers could take to protect their bodywork is to remove bug splats as soon as possible, as recent research from Autoglym found that they are just as acidic as bird droppings and can discolour the paint.

Posted by Simone Williams

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